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Piano Lesson


We strive to be an innovative company that fosters the wonderful benefits of playing music.  Chris Lavidas, President of Breaking Grounds in Drumming, Inc., has created a unique business that offers services for seniors, schools, children and adults with special needs, churches, and businesses.  More than drum circles, Chris has also created drum therapy sessions, which are a series of classes for advance level people with no musical experience necessary.  Drums-N-Dreams programs that integrate life topics on motivation, leadership, team-building, and communication with musical activities that correlate with that subject.  Classes designed for special need participants covering subjects such as rhythm, tempo, dynamics, coordination, rhythm and rhyming, and music appreciation.  Presentations are tailored to fulfill the expectations of the company we work with.  One-time special programs that are carefully crafted and differentiated for every place we work with.  Chris has developed a team of other music facilitators who exhibit compassion and warmth.  The energy and enthusiasm exuded by Chris and his team creates a vibrant optimism, sense of accomplishment, and exhilarating experience for the participants.  Regardless of communication or language barriers, we foster unity by bringing everyone together.

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