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What are we trying to do?

We are trying to provide health and wellness benefits to seniors of all cognitive backgrounds through the means of music.  We achieve this through engaging residents in a variety of memory building, mind alertness, coordination development, and stress-free exercises to name a few.  We know how important music is in one’s life, we achieve this where we offer unique and creative music exercises that provide tremendous health benefits.

How do we differentiate ourselves?

We know that there are many other services who engage residents in exercises.  Not only do we offer this benefit, but we differentiate ourselves through versatility.  Our program combines a mix of music therapy, music appreciation, music education, community, and rhythm exploration.  We do this by breaking up our program into segments.  For instance, one segment may involve a memory building exercise, while another segment will involve a discussion on the musician we feature.  This prevents the residents from boredom as we facilitate segments that all offer a different concentration.  We also differentiate our services by selecting music of the residents generation.  As a result, residents identify and relate to the music played, which manifests in participation.  Finally, we differentiate ourselves by giving residents a platform to express themselves freely with their instruments.  This stimulates creativity and originality as they are encouraged to create their own rhythms.

What do we want to achieve?

As alluded to above, music is a powerful tool in one’s life, whether it is by merely listening or playing along to music.  Our goals are for residents to walk out feeling happy, stress-free, acquire knowledge in music history/appreciation, and to sharpen/strengthen their mind and body through the different exercises we facilitate.  While residents are in the program, we want them to have an absolute blast, while they are simultaneously working on the above.

Listening to Music
Piano Lesson
Children Playing Bongo Drums
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