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At Breaking Grounds in Drumming, Inc., we believe in providing differentiated, compassionate, engaging, and honest services to all our clients.



Each Client we work with has different cognitive levels, wants, and a group size.  Our programs are carefully tailored to best fit the needs of our clients.  With building rapport with community staff and asking questions, we carefully craft programs that will be conducive to the group we are working with.  We also get to know the residents and participants we work with by name as well as their interests.


We genuinely care for the well being of the clients we work with.  Our facilitators exhibit patience, kindness, understanding, and respect people of all backgrounds.  We exhibit compassion in our services by making everyone feel welcomed, and exude a warm, gregarious personality throughout our program.  We also foster interaction with some of our more advance cognitive level groups by asking them questions, or having them share any music experiences they have had.  Participants are not merely an audience, but are always engaged by listening, playing rhythms, following instruction on an exercise, or responding to questions.


This quality is of utmost importance for Breaking Grounds in Drumming, Inc.  We execute honesty in handling payments, providing full length of time services we are paid for, and in the information we present to our clients during our programs.  Additionally, we uphold reliability making our commitments and giving our clients ample notification of any cancellation.  Honesty and integrity are the premise to any successful business and this is at the forefront of Breaking Grounds in Drumming, Inc.



The vision of Breaking Grounds in Drumming, Inc. is to be the best we can be by offering excellent services in areas of music therapy, music appreciation, creative engagement, rhythm exploration, and community building.  Through our presentations and Drums and Dreams workshops, we want to equip people with valuable and applicable strategies in subjects including: self-discipline, team-building, leadership, motivation, and communication.  We believe in the power of music in peoples’ lives and the necessity of life values that transcend in all areas of life.  We want to be known by our clients and outsiders as a leading organization that transforms and impacts peoples’ lives.


The purpose of Breaking Grounds in Drumming, Inc. is to bring fun, entertainment, education, meaning, happiness, and health benefits in peoples’ lives.  Drumming informally requires no experience, fosters inclusivism to people of all ages and abilities, and provides numerous health benefits, including: stress release, cognitive building, coordination development, mind edification, and rhythmic expression, our company exists to unleash these vital components in a very unique way.  There is a strong correlation between good health and music.  Through diligent study careful planning, we make it our effort to bridge these components together so our clients are learning, benefiting from a wellness standpoint, while having fun! Further, in our presentation and Drums N’ Dreams programs, we instruct insightful and proven techniques that prepare the next generation.  We foster participation, life examples, and group activities using music instruments that correlate with the subject being taught. 


Breaking Grounds in Drumming, Inc. is a unique and entrepreneurial business that is known for providing innovative music expression, music therapy, music history and education, and motivational programs that propel the professional and personal lives of people.  Our goal is to be the best organization we can be by providing customized programs and services that exceed the expectations of our customers.  We do this by listening attentively to the needs and wants of our customers, and making learning lifelong by attending continuing educational classes, diligent research, and investing in educational products that will enhance our skills.



We measure our success by continually growing our client base, receiving many referrals.  We also measure our success continually creating new content and curriculum that best serves our clients.

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